Thanks for stopping by my home page. I need to start working on an update but like most of us have been very slow about it. When I changed out of a FP based hosting to a linux based on I lost some things I had and haven't spent the time to set them up again.

I've spent lots of time on the pages about my brother, Kevin. For now you can find things about him here, Kevin. It's hard in many ways to believe what has happened. Certainly a tragedy and very sad. To aid in raising money to donate to his memorial fund at the AFSP I've decided to do some web advertising with these pages, they really haven't worked very well to date. This is probably becuase I kept it very low key. Please take a quick look to see if you need any of the things offered there. I want to thank all of the advertisers who have approved me to participate in their programs. Many of them have also extended what generosity they could.

My photographs can be viewed by clicking the Photography button above in the navigation bar. I use a company called Smugmug to store and display my photos, no log in required to view, no popup and no spam around them either. Use the back button to return to this page from my photos. More info about Smugmug and a money saving link on links page. If you enjoy my online photography you can let me know my making a contribution to my brothers memorial fund.

There will be some pages added about my motorcycle travels over time. I've been on lots of great trips in the last couple of years. This spring I qualified for my BMW 100,000 mile award. I'm currently riding KTM's and have a 950 Adventure S and a 530 EXC. I've been to all but 3 of the Provinces of Canada, almost all the states of Mexico and about 48 states of the USA on a bike. I'm an adventure rider and almost never travel on Interstate Highways.

I'm available for product photography. There is pricing information available if you click the Pricing button on the navigation bar. I take photographs at many events. Prints of these photographs and digital downloads can be found on my Photograph site.

After what happened on October 5, 2006 I felt I needed to add some additional information to my websites. If you are interested in what a free lance photographer can and cannot photograph, please click to read the  Photographers Bill of Rights, this will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Images I take in public are my property; I fully intend to protect them, my use of them and my rights as a citizen of the United States of America to take them at all costs. If you don't like that I can freely take photos in public in this country without answering your questions I suggest you move to some other country where it's not allowed. For the rest of this story and others that have to the prevention of photography in public visit the Illegal Photography Which Is An Oxymoron Gallery in my photo pages.

Feel like getting me gift or two, not that you have to and I'm not asking, look here for things I would like to have. Thanks if advance if you get me something. I'll put it to good use.

Duane Kerzic