Hi To Those That Read This Page,


First I want to say thanks for taking the time to come here. I have posted this here for several reasons. I want to enlist your support for the work of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). As most of you are now aware I lost my youngest brother Kevin recently. It's a very difficult time for those that were close to him. For now I'm not ready to write much about it but will correct that when I'm in a better place to do so. 


I know that Kevin touched many of you in a meaningful way with his personal generosity. I can't think of a better way to show how important what he did for you was other then helping out with his Memorial Fund. I selected this Foundation for many reasons. They are one of the few that does things for survivors of a loss like this. They conduct research on things that work in prevention. They don't run a crisis hotline or anything like that. They do much more.


As you can see I've done things on other pages on this site. As time passes I hope to add more that I create and that others create. This site is intended to never be finished but to keep evolving over time.


Every eighteen minutes a life is taken by suicide, claiming over 30,000 lives each year in the United States. Suicide ranks as the second leading cause of death among teens and young adults. However, there is hope. For the last several years, the overall suicide rate has begun to decline slightly. Many experts view this trend as a confirmation that suicide can be prevented through identification and proper treatment of at-risk individuals. This is exactly where the AFSP can help make a difference.


AFSP is the only national not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the research, education and treatment programs needed to prevent suicide and to rebuilding the lives of survivors in the aftermath of suicide. AFSP offers educational programs for mental health professionals, physicians, educators, families and the public. Moreover, it has funded and continues to support many promising research studies, which can lead to a better understanding of why suicide occurs and how best to prevent it.


The work of AFSP is vital to reducing these tragedies. I ask you to consider making a charitable gift to the Kevin P. Kerzic Memorial Fund (how to donate) at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and help other families to avoid the loss my family and many others have endured. Thanks.


Be safe and have fun;

written by Duane for the establishers of the Kevin P. Kerzic Memorial Fund; Bruce, Duane, Jacqueline, MaryLynn, Michelle, Patrick, Pattie, Sharon, Stephanie, Steven  

Address and Website for AFSP:

www.afsp.org There is a donate now button in the upper right corner. I don't know if you can donate to the memorial fund like this. There will be a page for Kevin's fund when we get to $1,000, we have reached the intermediate goal of $1,000 as of October 20, 2006. Please help us continue to grow Kevin's fund. The AFSP is working on getting the memorial fund pages posted as I write this. I'll be maintaining a list of contributors here also.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
120 Wall ST
22nd Floor
New York, NY 1005

Other ways to indirectly contribute:
I will be donating proceeds from any commissions earned after costs from my links page. So be sure to visit my links page for complete details and to see if I have a link to something that might fit your needs. Thanks. Note, using a link that results in a commission being paid doesn't not result in being added to the list of contributors, only people who contribute directly will be listed.